Bullion is a decentralization focused crypto-currency designed to blend the medium of exchange properties of money with the scarcity of supply properties of a precious metal.


Bullion (CBX) 'the digital precious metal' is a cryptocurrency launched in June of 2013.

Ideal for storage of wealth (low inflation and low coin supply) while also fulfilling the requirements to be a medium of exchange (divisibility, security, ease of use, mobility and fast transactions).

Employs an original, first of its kind algorithm, Proof-of-Stake-Participation (PoSP).

PoSP is a green, energy-efficient alternative to the energy and resource consuming Proof-of-Work (employed in Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Has a static annual inflation rate of 2% which is all used for rewarding Bullion owners who actively participate in the network.

Owners who do not participate in the network forfeit their potential interest earnings to those who do, thereby allowing for exponentially higher than inflation rate ROI for active participants.


Bullion is a digital asset with all of the properties of money. Like gold, it is portable, divisible, fungible, scarce, low inflation, durable, non-consumable, and a store of wealth. It can be stored in a private safe and yet transferred across the globe in minutes.


Bullion (CBX) is a cryptocurrency custom-made to be a first-class investment: decentralized, energy efficient, vault-like security, fast transactions, low supply, low inflation, high income and it supports Windows, Linux, Mac & Android

1 Million Coins — Approximately 1 million CBX in circulation with a low 2% inflation

Energy Efficient — Proof-of-Stake-Participation radically minimizes energy consumption

Saver Annual Interest — PoSP rewards CBX holders with high annual interest: averaging 3-4 times higher than overall inflation rate!

True Decentralization — No mining equipment needed! PoSP allows anyone who owns Bullion to earn a ROI by staking!

High Security — PoSP provides maximum security by staking consensus


Bullion (CBX) is a digital asset with all the qualities of money. It employs a first of its kind, advanced security model which is exceptionally safe, efficient and open source. The problems of today’s centralized, debt based fiat currencies find solutions in the cutting-edge decentralized cryptographic currency Bullion. Designed to function as a store of wealth, Bullion’s fundamentals blend the medium of exchange properties of money with the scarcity of supply properties of a precious metal.

Approximately 1 million CBX in circulation

Proof-of-Stake-Participation (PoSP) on Dec 31, 2015

65 Second block time

Eligible for staking after 1 hour

2% Annual inflation

Year-long inflationary distribution stage completed on July 13, 2014

Bullion Participation Nodes (BPN) projected to go live SOON!


The development of Bullion never stops. Check our roadmap below for the next planned features.


Decentralized crypto-currencies operate by maintaining a single, automatically agreed upon ledger, which contains a record of all transactions and the balance of all wallets. This ledger (the blockchain) is distributed and updated amongst all participants of the network automatically to enable security and functionality. Currency in this system is stored in wallets (Bullion Vault) which are composed of a private key and a public key. The public key is an address which can be freely given out and allows others to send money to that wallet. Only the holder of the private key can spend the contents of a wallet; this must be kept secure.

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The main Bullion block explorer is hosted at CryptoID

Information about staking with pools will be available in due course.


Bullion is developed and managed by a committed team of professional people collaborating from countries all around the world.

Chris “Elambert”


Founder, developer, capital investor and concept creator. Elambert has been involved with crypto-currencies since 2011 and created the concept for Bullion to fill a niche as the digital compliment to precious metals. Bullion is designed to cater to the long-term investor by offering security, stability, ultra-low inflation and interest earnings. Elambert brings with him an extensive background in business management, entrepreneurship and data analysis. [email protected]

Ben “VonSpass”


Instantly recognized the gigantic potential for the Bitcoin protocol upon first hearing about it, he went through the crypto-currency cycle: mining BTC, mining LTC, trading BTC, etc. VonSpass liked the values of our Bullion: low inflation, high value and rarity. A University graduate in Marketing, VonSpass accepted the challenge to bring Bullion forward. He has a few ideas in store that will bring CBX to the top of all currencies, and hopefully far beyond. [email protected]

Alexandre “Alex4J”

Senior Coder / Developer

Alex4J is an initially self-taught programmer who later in life pursued and completed professional training and accreditation. Along the way he discovered a passion for cryptography and cryptocurrency and joined the Bullion Team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas of study and development. Additionally, Alex4J brings another flavor of culture to the already diverse development team as well as his associated ideas and familiarity with Bullion’s target demographic. [email protected]



Cryptocurrency enthusiast and a software programmer. He started with Bitcoin in 2013, and later that year found altcoins and mainly Bullion. "What impressed me the most about Bullion at the time was its sound financial parameters." 2016 marked the start of his active participation in the team as the Regional Developer for Portugal, Brazil and the Portuguese-speaking countries. Since then he has become a primary contributor to coding and development. [email protected]

Nick “Nicjobi”


Nick is a natural leader with extensive experience in the arenas of communications, finance and education. He joins the team after having proven himself a tireless contributor and navigator of Bullion's social media presence. "Bullion caught my attention due to its worldly recognized name and I was hooked after further investigation. Research and creativity are specialties of mine and I am looking forward to adding value to Bullion!" [email protected]


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